Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio’s breakthrough microbial nitrogen technology drives farmer productivity and significantly reduces agriculture-related emissions.

Why we invested

Today’s fertilizer is a 100-year-old technology that is responsible for a significant amount of air and water pollution on the planet. It is also necessary to feed the world. Pivot Bio will change this paradigm by replacing chemical fertilizers with a biological product that is cheaper, more effective, easier to use, and better for all of us.

Why this work matters

Crops require nitrogen to grow but synthetic fertilizer is dangerous for farmers to use, degrades our soils, and contributes to smog, acid rain, poor drinking water, and harmful algal blooms. With Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen, about 6% of GHG emissions can be eliminated and water quality can improve while stabilizing food systems with a resilient, scalable, and flexible microbial nitrogen supply chain.