We back visionaries accelerating climate innovation that will reshape our global economy for the betterment of people and planet.

  • Climate change is the biggest challenge of our lifetime. The need for ground-breaking ideas is greater now than it has ever been. Today’s climate innovators will reshape our global economy, transforming billion-dollar industries to build a better future with superior products and enhanced profitability. We seek out entrepreneurs, founders, and co-investors building the next generation of category-defining businesses who share our deep commitment to climate and vision for a better future.

  • Screen for impact.
    Invest for scale.

    The most successful companies are born from a vision for a better future and the ability of that vision to create a large and lasting positive impact. Simply delivering on one of these two integral parts of the equation isn’t enough. Our years of experience nurturing companies from early stage to exit have taught us that in order to change the world, companies must be built to scale within it.

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    The best ideas come from

    We operate where many venture firms can’t or won’t. Our approach to investing allows us to view the intersection of entrepreneurship and climate from all angles and support a diverse scope of opportunities and perspectives. We work with cutting-edge ideas and the people who drive them, wherever those ideas come from.


  • Built Environment

    Infrastructure and materials that adapt our cities, homes, and offices for the low-carbon future.

  • Carbon Management

    Durable CO2 capture, sequestration, and measurement technologies to cut carbon emissions at a micro and macro level.

  • Compute

    Advanced software and hardware that compute at the pace and scale required to solve climate change’s hardest problems.

  • Energy

    Optimizing energy supply and demand and advancing grid infrastructure with clean power and efficient storage solutions.

  • Food & Agriculture

    Lowering greenhouse gas emissions and increasing farming efficiency through plant-based food alternatives, smart-farming technology, and food waste management.

  • Manufacturing & Industrials

    Hardware, software, and novel processes that drive emissions reductions across hard-to-decarbonize industries like metals, mining, and cement.

  • Mobility

    Minimizing carbon emissions for individuals and fleets through electric transportation, mobile energy storage, and simplified logistics.

We dedicate ourselves to working in climate because we can rise to the challenge.

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