polySpectra empowers innovative engineers to 3D print end-use components they can trust, using the world’s most rugged photopolymer resins.

Why we invested

Polymer additive manufacturing has been held back due to the poor quality of the materials. These materials are not suited for production, which results in most 3D-printing being used for prototyping, toys, and trinkets. polySpectra’s platform of high-performance materials will be a missing piece in realizing the potential of additive manufacturing as a more sustainable, flexible, and low-cost production platform.

Why this work matters

Additive manufacturing has the potential to reduce global energy emissions by 25% by the year 2050, but only if it can directly displace traditional methods of fabrication.

polySpectra is working to solve one of the foundational challenges of additive manufacturing: durability. Leveraging Nobel-winning polymer chemistry, polySpectra seeks to unlock energy-efficient distributed digital manufacturing for the $200B global market for durable plastics.