Quaise is developing a novel drilling technology that will unlock terawatt scale geothermal energy generation around the world.

Why we invested

Our world does not have enough zero-carbon sources of energy. This problem will get worse as we electrify transportation, buildings, and manufacturing. We need a scalable technology to follow the continued deployment of wind, solar, and batteries in order to decarbonize our electrical grid while we electrify everything. Quaise is developing the holy-grail technology for geothermal to help us realize this future.

Why this work matters

Quaise is developing millimeter wave drilling systems that have the potential to drill down to temperatures of 500 °C and depths of 20 km to greatly increase the performance and geographical reach of geothermal energy. This will enable clean baseload power at the terawatt scale around the world by repowering existing fossil-fired steam-based industrial processes and infrastructure.