Rumin8 is designing solutions to radically reduce enteric methane emissions from livestock. Rumin8 identifies naturally occurring compounds that have anti-methanogenic properties and reproduces them in a highly efficient, low-cost, scalable, and high-quality process to create methane-reducing feed additives for livestock.

Why we invested

Ruminant methane emissions, more commonly known as cow burps, are major problem in agriculture. While plant-based alternatives will continue to grow, animal agriculture will remain a significant portion of our food ecosystem for the foreseeable future. Rumin8 will solve animal methane emissions in a cost-effective manner, while at the same time increasing food efficiency.

Why this work matters

Methane from beef and dairy cattle accounts for ~3.7% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, a number that will increase with humankind’s growing appetite for meat and dairy products.

We believe our best chance to mitigate these emissions is to reduce methane production at the source. Rumin8 is on a mission to decarbonize 100 million cattle by 2030.