Xcimer is commercializing Inertial Fusion Energy with a breakthrough, low-cost laser architecture to power and de-carbonize the planet.

Why we invested

Controlling fusion for power production has been one of humanity's biggest challenges for over 50 years. Scientists at Lawrence Livermore recently achieved the first ever net-energy positive, controlled fusion reaction, which was an incredible scientific milestone. Xcimer is creating a commercial version of this process through ultra low-cost laser technology that we believe will rapidly scale to low-cost, fusion energy generation.

Why this work matters

Nuclear fusion can provide an energy source that is safe, clean, reliable and abundant. Inertial fusion is the only fusion method that has achieved scientific fusion breakeven, at the National Ignition Facility. Xcimer’s technology will overcomes the remaining obstacles to commercial deployment of inertial fusion energy and provide an economically competitive source of baseload electrical generation to power the clean economy of the future.