Eileen McMahon

Eileen has been with Prelude Ventures since its inception, working in partnership with the investment team to provide the administrative and operational support needed to keep pace with investments. Starting out as the team’s first assistant, Eileen’s skillset grew as the team expanded. Now in the Operations role, Eileen provides a deeper level of support to the firm and portfolio. Eileen is a lifelong learner, as evidenced by the many hats she has worn throughout her career—from marketing bands at RCA Records to supporting game development teams at Electronic Arts to learning all about venture capital.

Eileen spent some years in New York City, earning a B.A. in English Literature from Fordham University and working in the music industry for a time. Having grown up in the Bay Area, beauty of Northern California and its fantastic microclimates called her back. Her love of the local nature and seeing the effects of a changing climate serve as a great motivator for supporting the work of Prelude and the companies it invests in. In her spare time, Eileen enjoys roping her husband and daughter into helping her with her latest home DIY project.