AMP is modernizing and scaling the world’s recycling infrastructure by applying AI and automation to increase recycling rates.

Why we invested

Materials recycling has long been a high potential, theoretically elegant solution for lessening resource constraint. In reality, materials recycling is messy and historically often uneconomic. Demand for recycled material now outstrips supply, and AMP’s technology is the missing piece to allow for materials recovery at scale.

Why this work matters

Plastics, metals, and paper all have real value, but the cost of sorting erodes it and creates a disincentive for recovering materials. By reducing the cost of sorting, the economics of recovery become sustainable, and a natural incentive to capture them emerges. Our technology is both lowering the cost of sorting and increasing recycling capacity, which will help recycling achieve the recovery rates needed to meet recycled feedstock demand and compete with virgin materials.

Interested in working with AMP?

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