Electric Hydrogen

EH2 accelerates decarbonization by designing and building complete 100MW fossil free hydrogen plants that provide transformational low-cost hydrogen at large production volumes.

Why we invested

Hydrogen just might be the Swiss army knife of climate change tools, but the cheapest manufacturing method was by cracking methane – and that is bad. At least until we met the EH2 team. The veteran founders from First Solar and Tesla, who know how to move fast and scale businesses, presented a vision of cheap, megawatt scale hydrogen manufactured exclusively with renewable energy, at fossil cost parity.

Why this work matters

Difficult to decarbonize industries like steel, chemicals and shipping want to modernize and mitigate their contributions to climate change but have few options for technological solutions. Current H2 production methods are too carbon-intensive and too expensive to be deployed at scale. EH2 is creating an immediate pathway to decarbonize industry by making fossil-free hydrogen an economic inevitability.

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