Element Energy

Element utilizes proprietary hardware, software, and controls to create a step-change in the safety, intelligence, and economics of large-format battery systems.

Why we invested

To meet the enormous need for storage capacity on the grid, we need to find ways to economically and safely re-use batteries at end of life in a vehicle application, from battery recalls, and from out of spec cells from manufacturing. Element’s “adaptive” Battery Management System (BMS) can enable batteries to be re-used and over time we would expect the BMS to be deployed in first life applications. The technology had been under development for several years at a large public components manufacturer before the team was able to spin it out into a separate company.

Why this work matters

Element Energy has reimagined battery management systems (BMS). Our adaptive BMS dramatically improves the safety and performance of large-format batteries, including first and second-life energy storage assets, electric vehicle batteries, and more. Conventional BMS architecture is passive and treats each cell in a pack as forever identical. Our cost-neutral technology is distributed and adaptive – with active monitoring, diagnostics, and controls at the cell or module level.