Encycle helps multi-site commercial and industrial companies improve efficiency of their HVAC systems through their data-driven, multi-patented Swarm Logic® technology.

Why we invested

HVAC is often the largest controllable load in a commercial building. Rooftop AC units in commercial buildings and big box retail stores are inefficient and can trigger demand charges that significantly increase utility bills. Encycle’s cloud-based software can reduce kW and kWh and save customers 15- 20% on their HVAC energy spend while lowering their carbon footprint. For many Encycle customers, improving the efficiency of their HVAC systems is the largest opportunity available to reduce their carbon intensity.

Why this work matters

Encycle’s transformative technologies offer an autonomous, holistic solution for HVAC optimization, energy savings and decarbonization. Our Swarm Logic® software integrates easily with a building automation system or connected thermostats, saving 10%-30% on HVAC-related energy consumption, costs, and emissions. Swarm IQ™ uses advanced machine learning and AI-enhanced capabilities to provide unprecedented visibility and actionable fault detection insights for proactive maintenance of HVAC assets.