Mill helps you outsmart waste, starting with wasted food. We’ve built an entirely new system to prevent waste, making it easy to take practical and impactful steps at home that are better for our kitchens and our planet.

Why we invested

We throw away about a third of the food we produce. If food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter in the world. Mill believes that consumer-centric design can make beautiful, easy-to-use products that will change people’s behavior. The team that changed HVAC with the Nest thermostat is now going to disrupt residential waste.

Why this work matters

Nobody likes waste. But these days, it’s hard to avoid. That’s especially true when it comes to food. In the U.S, wasted food is the single largest inhabitant of landfills. And most of that food comes from our kitchens. Food in landfills, which accelerates climate change. Mill is a new kind of company created to outsmart waste, starting with food. We take whatever you don’t eat back to the farm. Our approach keeps food out of landfills and in our food system as we work to create a feed ingredient that’s safe & nutritious for chickens.

Want to work with Mill?

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