MineSense is transforming the mining industry by creating first-ever precise visibility on the extraction process to significantly increase profitability and decrease carbon intensity.

Why we invested

As much as 40% of mined rock does not have sufficient ore worth downstream processing, and yet it is often crushed and processed, wasting an enormous amount of energy. MineSense has technology that differentiates value from waste at the bucket level to avoid this lost energy and, more importantly, improves the mine yield by as much as 10% per year. The incremental yield and cost reduction can generate millions in incremental profit per mine.

Why this work matters

MineSense is pioneering data-driven solutions that improve ore grade control, operational profitability, and carbon intensity across the metals mining industry, with an initial focus on copper- a critical component for supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. Mining companies are increasingly choosing MineSense's technologies to maximize ore recovery, minimize dilution, and enhance operational sustainability.