OptimoRoute has created the world’s fastest, SaaS-based route planning and optimization platform that helps delivery and field service businesses increase productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing their fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Why we invested

The Traveling Salesman Problem is a routing optimization challenge. It’s also a substantial climate problem, as unoptimized transportation routes mean unnecessary emissions. The caliber of OptimoRoute’s world-class algorithms team caught our attention. We gained conviction given their differentiated focus on small and medium businesses, who drive substantial miles but without teams to optimize their routes.

Why this work matters

OptimoRoute helped over 3,000 businesses last year reduce more than 50,000,000 pounds of CO2 emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere while delivering to businesses of all sizes the efficiencies they needed to survive in increasingly challenging markets. From the smallest family-run lawn care service business to one of the largest global logistics companies, OptimoRoute provided the tools for them to grow their business, their revenue, and their environmental stewardship.