Persefoni enables organizations to measure, report, and reduce their carbon footprint, meeting climate and business goals with transparency and trust.

Why we invested

The demand for carbon footprinting and climate disclosure tools exploded virtually overnight as the result of federal mandates, investor focus, and consumer awareness. We believe the only way ultimately to meet the demand at scale is through easy-to-use, robust software that puts data auditability at the core. Persefoni’s team is uniquely positioned to bring a scalable solution to the market.

Why this work matters

By 2025, over 50,000 companies need to report their emissions due to regulatory and investor pressure. They also require insights and management tools to reach their decarbonization goals. Persefoni's climate management software helps customers measure, report, and decarbonize through automated carbon accounting, investor-grade reporting, and reduction planning. This platform allows businesses to move at speed and scale to meet their goals.