Ripple Foods

Ripple is dedicated to changing the standard of what plant-based foods can be—great tasting, nutritious, and better for the environment. Most plant-based options miss the mark, but Ripple set out to make something better.

Why we invested

Cows produce a lot of methane and require a lot of land. Plus, dairy milk isn't the best for you. So, we invested in Ripple, co-founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with great consumer experience. Fewer emissions plus healthier, delicious milk that everyone can enjoy? What’s not to love.

Why this work matters

Ripple is built on the truth that even the smallest actions can have far reaching impacts. We create nourishing plant-based options that can help you feel great about your everyday choices. When you choose Ripple, you are creating positive impacts that ripple through our world. As a Certified B corp, we are dedicated to building our business as a force for good.