Terabase Energy

Terabase Energy is on a mission to reduce the cost and accelerate the deployment of utility-scale solar through software and construction automation.

Why we invested

In order to meet the global demand for deployment of utility-scale solar, we need to improve the development, design, and construction processes. The Terabase team learned this first-hand while at SunPower and brought that experience and some of those tools to the formation of Terabase. Through digitization and automation over the life of a utility-scale solar project, Terabase can reduce cost and accelerate the rate of deployment.

Why this work matters

It took the world fifty years to build the first terawatt of solar. To meet global decarbonization targets, we need to build at least 50 more terawatts in the next twenty years. Terabase Energy is rising to this challenge, transforming how large-scale solar plants are designed, constructed, and operated.

Interested in working with Terabase?

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