Thea Energy

Thea Energy is commercializing a proprietary stellarator architecture that enables safe and reliable baseload fusion energy generation at a lower capital cost.

Why we invested

While fusion has always been (rightfully) viewed as an incredibly high-risk enterprise, we believe that the world has reached a point where cost-effective fusion energy is now a possibility. Rapid advancements in computer simulation capabilities, materials like high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet materials, advanced controls, and other adjacent technology areas have brought down the anticipated costs of building fusion reactors based on magnetic confinement. Thea Energy’s unique Stellarator technology solves many of the key engineering challenges of magnetic confinement fusion, enabling a safe, stable source of star power.

Why this work matters

Fusion is a limitless and zero-emission energy that can curtail climate change and provide for the long-term needs of humanity. The stellarator, a scientifically mature form of fusion technology, is inherently steady-state and stable, making it an ideal power plant architecture. Thea Energy’s planar coil stellarator enables simpler and more practical systems, while solving long-standing barriers to fusion energy.

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