Aluminio is developing specialty aluminum foils to replace critical materials in clean technologies.

Why we invested

Aluminio accelerates the electrification of everything. In order to maximize grid decarbonization and the electrification of the transportation sector, Aluminio has developed a technology that solves for the industries' core challenges: cost and supply chain security. We’re excited to support the Founder, whom we’ve made a previous investment in, as we appreciate their thoughtful approach to creating breakthrough technologies.

Why this work matters

Availability of critical materials can limit the mass adoption of clean technologies. In the last decade, there has been a focus on increasing the supply of critical materials through recycling and more efficient mining. Aluminio is working with customers to reduce demand for critical materials by replacing them with specialized aluminum, which is low-cost and abundant. Aluminio's technology is a more environmentally friendly solution to scale solar cells and lithium-ion batteries.