Lightship is the first American all-electric RV company. We exist to bring a beloved outdoor pastime into the electric age.

Why we invested

As electrification of passenger vehicles accelerates, we're mindful of large consumer segments being ignored. The more we learned about Lightship, the more convinced we became of the massive opportunity to accelerate EV adoption and deliver a delightful RV experience. We were surprised at the size of the market (over 11 million American households own an RV!), the dismal range reality of towing an RV, and the wide opening for innovation in the large, sleepy industry.

Why this work matters

Lightship is on a mission to reimagine the recreational vehicle experience by designing and producing aerodynamic, battery-powered trailers for the electric age. As the macro transition to an all-electric transportation ecosystem accelerates, Lightship is building a critical element to enable the electrification of pickup trucks and SUVs, while bringing the increased convenience and superior performance that electrification offers to a pastime enjoyed by 1 in 10 American families.