LuxWall is the creator of Net Zero Glass™, a patented glass solution that turns windows into transparent insulation, delivering up to 45% building energy utility savings.

Why we invested

LuxWall has developed a proprietary process for manufacturing Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) windows that we believe can make VIGs a mainstream window product for both commercial and residential applications. LuxWall has a solution that can economically replace single-pane windows and, in the process, dramatically increase the energy efficiency of these building envelopes. The top-quality team, with decades of experience in global windows markets, has the network and knowledge to rapidly scale this breakthrough technology.

Why this work matters

Building energy use produces up to 28% of global carbon emissions. Most building energy loss happens right through the windows. LuxWall’s patented Net Zero Glass™ delivers insulation values on par with wall insulation, dramatically increasing building energy efficiency. With mass adoption, this new glass solution can lower carbon emissions by up to 14% around the world.